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To Minnie’s Readers:


Hiya guys. I know. I am kind of ashamed that I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year like I usually do. Actually, I didn’t do it last year either. I guess I just have been straying a lot away from writing as you guys can tell. But anyways, I will try my best to get one chapter out before the end of the year. No promises though. I have a lot of other things to do, unfortunately. If I do write a new chapter or one-shot, I will post it here as usual. For any other kinds of updates from me, please check out my normal blog Rosewisteria.

If you guys are wondering who is that lady and what is she doing up there, she is currently my new Youtube mascot for my revamped channel under the name of “The Shoujo Nut”. I will be uploading my first video as “Minnie the Shoujo Nut” soon~ If you guys check my Youtube Channel out, I would really appreciate it! I will be focusing on this project, another Visual Novel project with friends, and my paperwork to work full time as an intern soon. Life is always moving along huh? Catch you guys sometime!