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Apple and Cinnamon Slices 2

New Series: Apple and Cinnamon Slices

Hiya everyone! I am excited to announce that I will be writing a mini-series similar to my series of one-shots of “The Skhuggies”. However, I will be uploading the mini series at my more active blog, Rosewisteria, where I have been active with various types of posts from youtube videos to movie reviews. Not only do I have more followers there, I am dedicating this mini series to my friends in real life for everything they have done for me these past couple of months after my breakup with my last boyfriend and the passing of my Godfather. I feel because of this dedication that this story should go on my life blog rather than my writing blog. With that said, any updates with my current stories will continue to go up here. I hope you guys support me with this new series while I try to work on my old ones slowly but surely? Anyways, look forward to more writing from me after all this time!