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Lots of Roseanna resolutions ahead!

Hiya everyone! This is Minnie the Shoujo Nut or M.P. Vo or whatever you guys want to call me. Thanks to Nanowrimo this month, I am able to sit down and write a lot of one-shots and other stories that I haven’t touched in a while. My brain is working overtime with all these old characters jumping into my head all of a sudden! Yay for creative juices! I am pretty impressed with myself at how much I remember about characters that I haven’t touched in ages. I hope I am able to capture them without being too OOC. I know I will always have a handful of writers who may criticize me, but honestly, I welcome them all. It has been a while after all. I need any guidance I can get. Anyways, the first piece I decided to write on is Spirits New Era a few chapters where I left off back in high school. I decided to title it Limeon Squad Leader Reunion because… unless I can find the hard copies of my story soon, I have no idea what chapter number this is supposed to be. I can only assume it is in the 70s but where…?  Anyways, please enjoy this blast from the past with this chapter on Spirits New Era: Limeon Squad Leader Reunion! I am planning to rewrite the Riddle one-shot I never finished a few years back and a Change of Decade one-shot and maybe the first chapter of Cinnamon and Apple Slices? Wow, so much in store for me! Hopefully, I don’t fail anyone! Thank you for being here with me even after years later…

-Minnie the Shoujo Nut