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Mizuki x Mamoru is back~ ❤

Hiya everyone! This is Minnie the Shoujo Nut with another one-shot again. See what happens when I actually participate in NaNoWriMo? I manage to release stuff, even if they are writings that you don’t expect from me. Today, I am releasing a piece of writing that I don’t think any of you guys will see coming but here it is. This is a Warau Tame Ni one-shot featuring the main couple MaMizu or Mamoru/Mizuki on their possible life in the future, years after the original Warau Tame Ni ended~ I couldn’t think of a fitting name for the one-shot and honestly, I rarely do so I just called it Random Free Time because that is the very context of the story. I got a little carried away and I must warn my readers that this one-shot is rated M for Mature. If you don’t want your innocence to be stripped away by my words, please do not read this one-shot, haha. There are plenty of cute MaMizu moments in my original story or in the couple of AU one-shots I released in the past. Anyways, one more thing… there are some details that I didn’t include because I didn’t want to make it too… sexy? I don’t even know anymore. I could have made it tamer. I could have made it sexier. It is what it is. All in all, this type of writing is out of my comfort zone but honestly, this is what I think would happen if this scenario did happen so I just let my imagination and writing take over. Hope you guys like this rare treat from me and hopefully, you will guys will get a couple more pieces from me before the month is over. Peace out until next time~

-Minnie the Shoujo Nut