From Vain to Dandy


“Vain Blaine” is many things- an ex-playboy, a lady killer, and most of all, an opportunist. What happens when he meets his equivalent- the wealthy and cunning “Dandy Mandy”? What challenges will she bring with her? Not a romantic comedy.


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Vain Blaine / Blaine West (23 years old)
Blaine is Angel’s father, Simone’s ex-husband, Justin’s roommate, Cherry’s best friend, and Mandy’s chosen partner. Blaine likes to analyze situations to respond in the best possible manner. Because of this, he believes his personality is bland. Introduced in Chapter 1.

Dandy Mandy / Mandy Monroe (Unknown)
Mandy is Blaine’s newest date and the founder of One Heart. Mandy believes she has good genes and acts accordingly to this belief by being ambitious and competitive towards everything. Mandy sees Blaine as her perfect partner. Introduced in Chapter 1.

Cherry / Nicki Cher Chantelle (23 years old)
Cherry is Blaine’s best friend. She values her friendship with Blaine and takes care of her three younger brothers. She is also a close family friend, interacting with all members of the West family including Blaine’s parents and ex-wife Simone. Introduced in Chapter 1.

Simi / Simone West (23 years old)
Simone is Blaine’s ex-wife and Angel’s mother. A prideful woman, she has a love/hate relationship with Blaine. She hates to lose face and believes Blaine will steal Angel away from her. It was her decision to divorce Blaine. Introduced in Chapter 3.

ONE HEART  Workers

Joel Eduardo (27 years old)
Joel is the manager of the California branch. He’s been working under Mandy for a long time. Often sarcastic, Joel enjoys a good comeback. He has a nice telephone voice. Mandy sees Joel as her most competent and reliable worker. Introduced in Chapter 2.

Ellie / Elliot Dawson
Elliot was the former manager of the New York branch. He moved from New York to California a few months prior to the story. Mandy and Elliot share a touchy-feely relationship. His ex-girlfriend resembles Cherry. Introduced in Chapter 3.

Logan Holly
Logan is a conversationalist of the California branch. He likes to flatter Mandy and is good friends with Darren. Despite being obsessed with Mandy, he rebels against her sometimes, which makes her upset. He is one of the conversationalists in charge of the forum. Introduced in Chapter 4.

Key / Darren Christie (16 years old)
Darren is a conversationalist of the California branch. He is the youngest conversationalist ever hired. Overly enthusiastic and helpful, Darren only works on weekends because he is still a high school student. Introduced in Chapter 8.

The King / Liam King
Liam is a conversationalist of the California branch. He is one of the oldest conversationalists and usually deals with older members and their family problems because he has a family of his own. Introduced in Chapter 11.

JP / Jake Parke (29 years old)
Jake is a conversationalist of the California branch. He’s known Mandy the longest and is considered Mandy’s most important person. Laid-back and often sleep-deprived, Jake enjoys naps and loves to read and sketch the world around him. Introduced in Chapter 11.

Etchi / Kenichi Sakurada (22 years old)
Kenichi is a conversationalist of the California branch. Introduced in Chapter 17.

West / Weston Andrews
Weston is a conversationalist of the Washington DC branch. He is sent by his manager Tim to work under Joel for a while because the California branch has a shortage of workers. He is also young and a good friend of Harvey Hunt. Introduced in Chapter 11.

Tim or Timmy / Timothy Patrick
Tim is the branch manager of the Washington DC branch. He shares Mandy’s ambitious dream of opening a One Heart center in every state of the US. Introduced in Chapter 15.

Asia / Sabrina Paige
Asia is the branch manager of the Florida branch. A flirtatious former porn star actress, Asia is actually in an open relationship with Timothy Patrick. Introduced in Chapter 15.

Killian LeDuke
Killian is the branch manager of the New Mexico branch.

Matt / Matty Jay
Matt is one of the conversationalists working at the Florida Branch. A previous bartender, he is second in command next to Asia. Introduced in Chapter 19.

Harvey Hunt (19 years old)
Harvey one of the conversationalists working at the New Mexico Branch. He is one of the younger and less experienced conversationalist. Because he has feelings for Jacquie, he is willing to transfer branches and help Blaine dig up Mandy’s past. Introduced in Chapter 25.


Kathleen Jersey (30 years old)
An agreeable young wife whose husband is in the Air Force. She has a three-year-old daughter name Stacie. She often seeks family advice from Liam. Introduced in Chapter 9.

Kimberly Larson
A struggling novelist who chats with Joel on the phone about her story ideas for the past two years. Introduced in Chapter 11.

Kayla Perez (12 years old)
A middle school student who goes to One Heart to work and print out her essay and other projects for class. She comes from a low income family and doesn’t own a computer. She likes Logan Holly the most out of the conversationalists. Introduced in Chapter 12.

Lucy Fitzgerald
A middle-aged woman who lives by herself and often calls Joel to seek help on her cooking as well as other tasks she cannot figure out on her own. Introduced in Chapter 12.

Suzy Nam (17 years old)
A high school girl who is one of Jake’s loyal members. She sets low expectations for herself because of her self-esteem even though she is actually bright. She has feelings for Jake. Introduced in Chapter 19.

Laci Thompson (15 years old)
A high school girl who is one of Kenichi’s loyal members. She is also Blaine West’s very first test at the center. Wise beyond her years, Laci is known for switching conversationalists without mercy because she sees them all as manipulative. Introduced in Chapter 24.


Justin Tsai (21 years old)
Blaine’s roommate. An international student who likes to play video games and spend money on random finds. He is close friends to both Blaine and Cherry. He also attends the same community college as them. He is a huge fan of John Levine and the 49ers. Introduced in Chapter 1.

Angel West (5 years old)
Blaine and Simone West’s offspring. Angel is Blaine’s daughter and Simone’s son. Angel lives with Simone and goes to the same elementary school as Nolan and Erick. Angel looks and acts exactly like Blaine. Introduced in Chapter 3.

Devi Chantelle (13 years old)
Cherry’s younger brother. A blunt and honest middle-schooler who wants Cherry to date Blaine.

Erick Chantelle (10 years old)
Cherry’s second younger brother. A quiet and studious elementary school student.

Nolan Chantelle (5 years old)
Cherry’s youngest brother as well as Angel’s classmate. Nolan gets along extremely well with Angel and Blaine.

A female puppy that belongs to Blaine West. A male puppy that belongs to Mandy Monroe. Introduced in Chapter 3.

John Levine
A famous football player for the 49ers who funds One Heart behind the scenes. He has an intimate relationship with Mandy and a former friend of Jake’s. Introduced in Chapter 23.

Jacquie Parke (12 years old)
Jake Parke and Mandy Monroe’s daughter. Graduated with a Masters at the age of eleven. She has feelings for Harvey Hunt and fears the idea that there is no limitation to her potential. Introduced in Chapter 25


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