Gorgeous Geek


Gorgeous Geek is a contemporary story about high school life. Jin-Kyong Song is a gorgeous Korean junior, but unlike the other pretty boys of Wilson High School, his life revolves around anime, video games, and fantasy novels. He has no social life but is known for being kind to everyone. Jezebelle Phoebe Tilly is an attractive Eurasian sophomore who is the complete opposite of Jin- she is nothing without her social life. More than that, she hates geeks and is extremely selfish. Due to circumstances beyond their control, Jin and Jezebelle are living together and supposedly ‘dating’. Besides the Jin and Jezebelle situation, Gorgeous Geek focuses on the every-day lives of the students of Wilson High from the nerds/geeks to the populars/athletes, showing that they are more than just their social status in the school hierachy.

Chapters (so far):

Chapter 1: His Name is Jin
Chapter 2: Geek in Trouble
Chapter 3: A Herd of Sheep
Chapter 4: The Queen of Tennis
Chapter 5: The Beauty and the Geek
Chapter 6: Femme Fatale
Chapter 7: An Innocent Boyfriend
Chapter 8: A Natural Genius
Chapter 9: Hot-Tempered and Serious
Chapter 10: Sugar and Spice
Chapter 11: Ragazza
Chapter 12: The Beauties vs the Brainies Part I
Chapter 13: The Beauties vs the Brainies Part II
Chapter 14: Teen Drama at the Mall
Chapter 15: Ex-Girlfriend and Girlfriend
Chapter 16: The Past and the Present
Chapter 17: Kindness Gone Astray
Chapter 18: Two Different Dates
Chapter 19: Social Injustice
Chapter 20: Broken Up

Chapter 21: Korean Pride
Chapter 22: The Knight’s Tale
Chapter 23: Cherish Her
Chapter 24: Popularity and Sexuality
Chapter 25: To Be Faithful
Chapter 26: Conformity
Chapter 27: Broken Friendship
Chapter 28: Mothers and Boyfriends
Chapter 29: The Geek Squad
Chapter 30: Winner Takes It All
Chapter 31: Boys and Basketball
Chapter 32: A Dreamy Authoress
Chapter 33: The Jin Song Phenomenon
Chapter 34: Female Adolescent
Chapter 35: Hopelessly Fruity
Chapter 36: Pure Dreams
Chapter 37: Sacred Vow
Chapter 38: Abortion and Adoption
Chapter 39: Absolute Monarchy
Chapter 40: The Cutie and the Beast
Chapter 41: Change of Wardrobe
Chapter 42: Stuck in Neverland
Chapter 43: Ana and Her Temptations
Chapter 44: A Partner and a Pet
Chapter 45: Power Hungry
Chapter 46: Mass Condemnation
Chapter 47: The Real and Fake Twin
Chapter 48: Sympathy and Empathy
Chapter 49: Precious Friend
Chapter 50: Greener on The Other Side

Chapter 51: Cold Pride
Chapter 52: Caramel and Cream
Chapter 53: Never Say Daddy
Chapter 54: Queen of the Turf
Chapter 55: Always Second Best
Chapter 56: Decisive and Headstrong
Chapter 57: Hugs and Kisses
Chapter 58: Overthrown
Chapter 59: For Money’s Sake
Chapter 60: Lapse of Judgment
Chapter 61: Boiling Point
Chapter 62: Court Advantage
Chapter 63: Lost and Found
Chapter 64: Boy Conscious
Chapter 65: Love Frenzy
Chapter 66: The First Elites
Chapter 67: Substitute Boyfriend
Chapter 68: Friends With Benefits
Chapter 69: Will And Willpower
Chapter 70: Isolation

Chapter 71: Security and Trust
Chapter 72: His Other Self
Chapter 73: The End of Boredom
Chapter 74: Jackets and Umbrellas
Chapter 75: Confession and Individuality
Chapter 76: Old and Fake Relationships
Chapter 77: Divided Fractions
Chapter 78: Gone
Chapter 79: Rebirth
Chapter 80: A New World
Chapter 81: Back Together Again
Chapter 82: Early Maturity
Chapter 83: Genuine
Chapter 84: Other Option
Chapter 85: Maryland Family
Chapter 86: Last Time
Chapter 87: Overdue Apology
Chapter 88: Takeover

Relationship Chart up to Chapter 32: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y282/rose-wisteria/relationshipchartchapter31.png


22 thoughts on “Gorgeous Geek”

  1. omg i just love your story ❤ i am 100% sure im your number one fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST LOVE THIS STORY. BEST ONE U EVER WRITTEN MINH ❤ KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! =) make more stories like these

  2. michelle / mishy :D said:

    make new on or else ill suicide with Michi >.<

  3. Very informative and useful post. You have nice command on the topic and have explained in a very nice way. Thanks for sharing.Good work,hope your blog be better!I just want to make a blog like this!I will tell my friends and families to support your biog!

  4. Ok now I am gonna read this story and I see that one character from Eulalia is here to ~~ Rin I will totally talk alot since well … thats just me xD

  5. ohhh Jordan is in *0* so this is something like a story before Eulalia ~~ cool

  6. Yes, they are all in the same universe 🙂 Sweet Heart is first, followed by Honey Pie, Gorgeous Geek, Femme Fury, and then, Eulalia. My newest story From Vain to Dandy is almost a direct sequel to Eulalia. You should try that one out next 🙂

  7. Ohh so now I know how to start reading then ~~ thanks for telling me

  8. sooooo after this Femme Fury is a sequel to this?

  9. grr i cant find the rin+jezebelle vs cammy chapter >__<

  10. If you are talking about the one outside the mall, that is chapter 15 🙂 Hope that helps!

  11. chapter 25 is broken >_<

  12. Fixed ❤ Thank you for letting me know!

  13. is jordan gay or pansexual o.o

  14. It’s up to the reader’s interpretation :3

  15. zoho is dead, reupload all chapters somewhere else?

  16. I am slowly doing that now XD I should have done it earlier in the year. Thank you for letting me know~



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