New Era


Close to twenty years have passed since the Spirits were sent back home by the greatest woman alive Ada Xieng. However, danger loom over the world of Philtopia again. The country of Limeon returns to its old ways once again and this time, led by its newest dictators- the cursed Roupeez Family of Mizunam!

Stuck in the middle of a power-hungry society, Roseanna Roupeez resists the pits of Hell… only to emerge in a dark political world that was foreign to her. In a single year, Roseanna changes from a rich and innocent girl to a poor and calculating preteen that lost everything she once treasured. For a girl who faced Death numerous times and survived them all, Roseanna only has one purpose in life left- revenge.

In stark contrast to his counterpart Roseanna, Locke Xieng, the son of Ada, lives a peaceful life in the forest with a loving family. Unlike Roseanna who lost her childhood too soon, Locke stays an innocent child even to his adolescent. Then one day, something has gone wrong- his father left and never returned. At the age of nineteen, Locke is determined to find his father, the most precious person in his life, by entering a dangerous world that he only hears about in his mother’s stories.

Unlike the earlier stories in the Spirits series, Roseanna and Locke’s relationship is not a typical boy loves girl or girl loves boy story. Roseanna and Locke may fall in love, but not necessarily wtih each other. Instead, fate has tied Roseanna and Locke together to fill the missing parts of themselves that they can only find in each other. Only then… can they lead the greatest movement of all time in this female-dominated and prejudice world…


Locke Xieng
Roseanna Roupeez
Rogelio Roupeez
Meira Eeva
Talise Miriam
Melantha Dian
Padma Lovett
Riddle Chan
Falina Chan
Ranna Lovett
Jai Chan
Sylvia Law
Arthur Law
Vickie Susan
Dester Libmon
Sandra Roupeez (Sandy)
Bruke Lindsey
Luchia Luchmann
Andrew Roupeez
Edinn Luchmann
Finn Luchmann
Philip Chan
Dash Antonia
Rachel Lou
Kaia Roupeez
Sax Brilliantes
Elaina Brilliantes
Yin/Yang/Dao/Zen Chung
Black Lady
Mitch Xieng
Sandler Xieng
Liana Dian
Romania Dian
Hugo Garson
Ada Xieng
Lucas Yeung Xieng
Diao Chan

Locke Xieng:

Finn Susan:

Dester Libmon:

Philip Chan:

Arthur Law:

Bruke Lindsey:


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  1. why dont you write some more of these

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