Sweet Heart


First impressions can either establish one’s character or utterly destroy it. Sweet Hearts is a contemporary story about the lives and relationships between a cast of college students. Theresa Chelsea Alonso, the heroine, is a cheerful and optimistic young woman who lives for the future and forgets her past. She is forced to rethink her philosophy on life when she meets the blunt, cold Kevin Ty Shiratori or KT. Along with family members and friends on both ends, these two college students will learn that first impressions are not always correct and that the nicest people around them may not be nice at all.


Theresa Chelsea Alonso, Kevin Ty Shiratori, Melissa Chin Shiratori, Quinn Cecil Darington, Claire Erin Levitsky, Carey Jess Melton, Jamie Yuan, Kevin Lee, Jermain Johnson, Hien Thu Tran, Pamela Diaz Hewitt, Lani, Jason Hernandez Flores, Alexandre Jean Rousseau, Francesco Michele Romano, Rai Shiratori, Megami Matsuda, Michie Ume Shiratori, Jenny Ran Shiratori, Jae Shiratori, Leslie Mai Fujiwara, etc

Chapters (Part I- KT’s Narration, Part II- Theresa’s Narration, Part III- Unknown’s Narration):

Part I Chapter I          Part II Chapter I

Part I Chapter II         Part II Chapter II

Part I Chapter III        Part II Chapter III

Part I Chapter IV        Part II Chapter IV

Part I Chapter V         Part II Chapter V

Part I Chapter VI        For the rest of the chapters, go HERE.

Part I Chapter VII

Part I Chapter VIII

Part I Chapter IX

Part I Chapter X

Part I Chapter XI

Part I Chapter XII

Part I Chapter XIII

Part I Chapter XIV

Part I Chapter XV

Part I Chapter XVI

Part I Chapter XVII

Part I Chapter XVIII

Part I Extra Story


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